Nerf Guns modded for Halloween...


Video of the Nerf Stampede firing.

And a little link to a PIP-Boy HTML page I wrote.





Ikkicon 2 Pictures are up!



I added the pictures I took at the AutoRama car show that took place in San Antonio, TX last weekend!


FYI - FREE UNDERTOW! - From 1/23/08, 2:00 a.m. PST through 1/27/08, 11:59 p.m. PST, Xbox LIVE members worldwide can download the full version of the recent award-winning Xbox LIVE Arcade game, Undertow. Found from ->source<-



An entire year with no updates...

1) Going to a car show next week. Should be able to post some pics of the 2009 Camaro (Bumblebee) from the Transformers movie (2007). EDIT: Went to show - No new Camaro :( I'll try to post pics from the show Monday night.

2) Heading to Ikkikon of Feb. 8 to take more anime con photos!

3) Trying to come up with a new AMV which I have not done in years. We shall see, just need to take some time off the 360.

4) maybe I'll take some pics from the bar tonight!

5) Joined MySpace so I can put back some sort of feedback on this site... damn those spammers! It will take a few days before I add a link, but it is in the works.

6) Debating a new web page layout, not sure though.

7) Did you see that Yoda will be on the 360 version of Soul Calibur 4! PoS3 gets Vader - I always knew that Sony was on the dark side. The weaker willed side.

8) Might start to put up reviews of movies, IDK there are already enough of those though, so maybe not.



I added a few things to the XBox 360 page. Not a lot but something is better then nothing right?



After updating the page layout, I noticed that the images did not work correctly when viewed with Mozilla. Anyway, I am working out the kinks on that, as you can see the image in the upper left corner should be fading from image to image on IE and Mozilla! To be honest the html book I have doesn't go in to that, so I am pulling an M$ and pirating some code from this site -> :) The menu system is going to be the next thing to be fixed for Mozilla as the buttons are not animated on Mozilla like they are in IE. Another item I plan to work on is updating the layout of the convention pictures to be easier to navigate. Also, I need to do something with the 360 page. I found a site which allows "my 360" to write it's own blog page and may try to incorporate that some how. I'm not sure when all of this will be done - maybe this weekend?



Ushicon Go pictures are up!



I updated the Combustible Campus Guardress page to include some information on the DVD I burned of it off the LDs.



Better late then never.... A-Kon 16 pictures are up (Just in time for the Ushicon)




Another Ushicon has come and gone and the pictures are up allready!



A-Kon 15 pictures are up, click here to enter.



OK, I give up, the hit counter is gone because server side processes are not allowed anymore and I don't want to plague you the viewers with spam and pop-ups.



I finally got the Ushicon 3 pics up! Ushicon 3

As you may notice there are several save points throughout the gallery!



If you are in the San Antonio, TX Time Warner area, "Anime Network on demand" is on channel 965. It doesn't seem to be listed in their pamphlet of new channels, but it is there.



Great news for Premiere Pro AMV'ers thanks to Ben Rudiak-Gould/Tom Ford, and Anime2Envy. They have released a new Premiere Pro AVS plug-in for DL. I guess it is still somewhat in the testing phase though. Here is the thread if you are interested



I added my site to OAST - Top Anime Sites. You can vote here or scroll down to the bottom and click on the OAST banner.



A-Kon 14 Pics are up. 



A-Kon 14 starts up this Friday. As usual I'll be there gathering pictures. Don't know how internet access will be at the hotel, but I might get some pics up on the fly.



The Anime Network is on the air in the Philadelphia metropolitan area. On their web page they have some what of a petition to get your local cable provider to carry it. (By the way, sorry for any inconvenience, but I experienced some server issues a couple of days ago and my page has been moved and has lost a few A-Kon pics)


Ushicon is now over and I put up all the JPGs under

CONS -> Ushicon 2.



Ushicon starts up tomorrow! I'll be there wearing my favorite "NERV" shirt  taking pictures. Depending on the web connection at the hotel I may put up pictures as I go.

 - Didn't get a video ready for the AMV showcase. Oh well, there's always A-Kon and/or next year.



Terrorists Attack!

Oakland Bombed at Super Bowl!

- Chris Isenberg



Currently I am working on the new web page layout so some links may not work properly. Sorry for any inconvenience. 


New I-Macs are out!


A-Kon 13 pictures are now online! 
Or go to the Cons area and follow the links.


Hopefully tomorrow night I can upload some A-Kon 13 pictures. I have a lot of them and need to lower the resolution first. In the mean time... many of you were asking me where I got my t-shirt. I made up the image and found a place that would silkscreen it for me for about $11 a shirt. Here is a link on how you can make one. 


After getting back from the Ushicon,  and watching Super Bowl XXXVI, (which I lost 2 bucks on - sorry ass Rams) I have added the Ushicon pictures I took with a borrowed digital camera.


Not much has changed, added a few new pics to the "Random Picks" Area. Should start on the next video soon, seeing as how school is out for a while.


Video section was updated with an unfinished video, Puddle of Mudd's "Control" done with Jungle / Jungre De Ikou.


I am now in 2 web rings. If you scroll down or go to the Links section you can navigate through them.


I took out crowd reaction at the A-Kon to the Boyz-N-The Hood Video and went ahead and updated it to version 2. Also applied for the AMV Web ring.


The Rant!


My favorite new Anime right now is either Macross Zero or FLCL (Fooly Cooly / Fury Cury). In the past it spanned Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Macross Plus (NOT Robotech or even Macross 7), and Neon Genesis. - Ranma 1/2 was good until they switched all the voices (again) in Out of control. Speaking of witch...

I think the dubbed anime is better then subtitled. Hear my out please... At least if it is done well and especially if you are at the A-Kon, Ushicon or any other convention. I'm sorry but if you are not in the first 2 or 3 rows, you can't read a thing on the screen. So dubbed would definitely be better. Plus what is the big deal in meeting U.S. voice actors if you are going to listen to the DVD in Japanese with English subtitles?!?

If you have found this page you were probably searching for something and hit this page by mistake. Hell, I even found it by mistake. I am trying to add stuff to it and make it more interesting, but first I need to figure out how to rank high on the search engines (still haven't figured out a free way to do that.) I guess I should start by including the word Anime a few times and continue by saying stuff like Tsukikage Ran, Variable Geo, Carried by the Wind, Saiyuki, Chobits, Read Or Die (R.O.D.), Neon Genesis, Bandai, You're Under Arrest, Riding Bean, Evangelion, Ranma 1/2, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Vash the stampede, Wolfwood, Genma, Manga,  Street Fighter the Movie, Sinime, Silner, Gundam Wing, Armitage, Combustible Campus Guardress, Urotsukidoji, Those Who Hunt Elves, Battle Angel, Ninja Scroll, El Hazard, my mind went blank, Java Cube (not any more), Burn up W, Macross Plus, Bubblegum Crisis, and anime. Oh, not to forget about Nerv and my take on how it should look. Music Videos? or Pictures? F 3 was good too. There are some good Anime out there. I don't like Sailor Moon. Pokemon is easy to make fun of. In my Boyz-N-The Hood video, Ash finds himself smack dab in the middle of a Titty-Bar. I guess they weren't checking I.D.'s that day. There are other types of anime out there that I did not mention. It comes in a wide variety of forms, from Adult (Hentai) to Kiddy. funny to serious. and some that are just plain dumb. Evangelion has Shinji, Asuka, Misato, and Rei. Cowboy Bebop has Spike, Jet, Fay, Ed and Ein. spelling couild be off. R.O.D. mentions Genjo Sanzo from Saiyuki. Some Hentai titles include (but aren't limited to) Bible Black, Karen, Dragon Rider, Spy of Darkness, LA Blue Girl, Urotsukidoji, Luv Wave and Ebichu. If you haven't seen Ebichu, you need to! You will never look at Hamtaru the same again. Ebichu isn't one of those "tentacle" hentai, but just plain out right funny. So If you were not looking for anime, then you are in the wrong place, because there is some anime here. I guess that's all for now. Thank you for stopping by and reading my rant on anime.