OK, I gave up waiting and didn't like the quality (at some points) of the newly fan subbed version floating around in DivX, so I bought the 4 laser disc set, ripped it to my computer and burned a DVD of Campus Guardress in widescreen format! It was an interesting project to undertake, but now it is done.

The project started when I stumbled across the 4 disc set on a Japanese Yahoo auction site. I managed to get them all for my starting bid of 3000 yen (about $26 US) which began my search on E-Bay for a laser disc player, a search on the "Wayback Machine" for the script in English, and a search at Best Buy for a video enhancer. I edited some of the dialogue on the script to make it flow better, IMHO, made an animated menu and burned the DVD. - On a side note, the barcode on the DVD jacket is from Gantz Vol. 7.


Small Res. Clip of the Menu Background I Made

Front of LDs

Back of LDs

DVD Jacket I Made - Folded Out