Anime Music Videos

The "Boyz-N-The Hood" video is my personal favorite. Ver. 2 is now up for download!




Dynamite Hack "Boyz-N-The Hood" 

Anime: Misc.

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Most of my friends prefer "Wish" over "Boyz-N-The Hood", But I don't. It was done in about 4-5 days after work, and between classes and was rushed due to deadlines.




Nine Inch Nails "Wish"

Anime: End of Evangelion

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The next video was shit-canned. Not to sure why I lost interest in it, but I did. It's using JUNGLE DE IKOU, if you look at the cover, or JUNGRE DE IKOU, in the openning title of the show. I guess the Japanese really do replace L's with R's.




Puddre of Mudd "Contror"

Anime: Jungle / Jungre De Ikou

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And last of all, my first Music Video. I believe it was done back in 1994. I think this one is better then the "Fly Me To The Moon" vid as far as content goes, but I can't say the same for resolution.




Stan Bush "The Touch"

Anime: Macross Plus

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