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YouTube Video...Sony: "How to Kill a Brand"

Sarcastic Gamer... PS3 Song: "No Frickin Games"


Ok, so "The SnaperHead" is a made up gamer tag for a friend of mine that won't play a game unless it uses 1 button or less. So, in the interest of giving him shit, I made up a fictitious gamer tag for him.

Please note: Trying a game like Gears of War and only using 1 button leads to a loss in gamer points! Also note the earlier statement about "The Snaperhead".


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The 360Voice blogs are auto-generated blogs created based off your gamertag and daily 360 activities. 


Web Pages of Friends with Gamertags:

SubStevil - www.StevenWill.com



Dead Or Alive Xtreme 2:


Here is a useful chart you can help populate with which swimsuits each girl likes/dislikes...



Here is a scan of the back of the DOAX2 calendar I made for a post on the Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 forum. The forum has many useful topics such as information about the DOAX2 Pole Dance Scene, how to unlock it, and how to score big in the casino! They also have charts and stuff to download at www.deadoralivextreme2.net